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Avia Events project started like a hobby but became a mind-set and way of life. We are a group of aviation enthusiasts with a great experience in aviation events organization. During many years we are realizing the best dreams about the flights, finding the possibilities to get new, interesting and rare aircraft types. We not only flown on Tu-154, Tu-134, Yak-42, Yak-40, IL-76MDK, Mi-8, An-2, L-42 and so on, but also giving you a chance to learn more about Russian aviation and transport history and modernity
We are making it's real for you
Kate Tropova
Captain on Board
Best of all she can produce the chaos. So, if something goes wrong, no doubt that Kate is somewhere near. But if you only have any questions, feel free to contact her
Olga Dedova
Project development & PR
Her credo is to grasp the idea of the Captain's tail and spinning in the right direction. And if you saw in our social networks compromising photo or tricky inscription - it's her handiwork. And we have nothing to do with it)).
Anna Podnebesnikova
Administrative support
Anna doesn't let us get lost among papers, numbers and contacts. She's establishes internal relationships and fights with the heavy consequences of the bureaucratic system, so that they bypass the work with our clients.
They are making it's real for us
Sergey Martirosyan
He always has a lot of ideas: follow him and you'll be on the aviation wave. The author of "Flight for Flight" conception, Sergey was the first one, who started to organize special aviation events for Avgeeks in Russian market.
Lutz Schoenfeld
International support
He only thinks of flying. Airplanes from morning to night. He likes to do such tours with like-minded people. New ideas always fall on fertile ground and he likes to share them with the many other aviation enthusiasts in the world
Alexander Sosnin
The cruise master
Alexander, the ships owner. He likes planes as much as ships. One day he decided to make something interesting to combine them and some times with the sucsees
Yulia Vorozhtsova
InTandem e.V.
Founder of the «Wings of Parma» air show Russia (2009-2017) and publisher of the Perm Airport magazine (2010-2018). Head of Nonprofit Organization InTandem e.V.

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Avia Events
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